Zadar County Assembly

dom zupanije1County Assembly is the representative body of citizens and the entity of the County that enacts general and other documents required by law and performs other tasks in accordance with the Constitution, law and Statute.

  • adopts Statute;
  • adopts the Regulation of its work procedures;
  • adopts general acts and other decisions that determine the issues within the scope of self-government;
  • elects and dismisses Vice President and President of the Assembly;
  • establishes and elects members of the working bodies also appoints and dismisses other persons as defined by law and other regulations;
  • regulates the organization and scope of Administrative County bodies
  • establishes public institutions and other legal bases for performing economic, social and other activities of interest to the County
  • adopts the budget and the decision on budget execution;
  • adopts semi-annual and annual reports on budget execution;
  • makes a decision on the acquisition and disposal of movables and real estate of the County whose total value exceeds 0.5%, or whose individual value exceeds 1,000,000 (one million) HRK, from the amount of income without receiving income realized in the year preceding the year in which it is going to be decided on the acquisition and alienation of movables and real estate, i.e. disposal of other property, also if the acquisition and alienation of real estate and movables and disposal of other property is planned in the County budget and carried out in accordance with legal regulations;
  • gives an authentic interpretation of the Statute and other acts adopted by Assembly;
  • supervises the overall material and financial operations of the County;
  • gives consent to the indebtedness of institutions and legal entities founded by the Zadar County;
  • performs other tasks assigned within the competence of the Assembly by law or other regulation.

Pursuant to Article 133. paragraphs 1 and 3 of the Regulation of Work Procedures of the Zadar County Assembly ("Official Gazette of Zadar County" No. 3/18) it is stipulated that representatives of citizens' associations, citizens and representatives of the media may monitor the work of the Assembly, but must not disturb the order and course of the session (for example, talking loudly, using a mobile phone, etc.). If the number of persons who monitor the work of the Assembly is greater than the number of available seats, the President of the Assembly determines the number of persons who can monitor the work of the Assembly.