Zadar County International Cooperation

Zadar County has particularly active cooperation with several foreign partner European regions and more recently some of the Chinese provinces, with which it has been a long-term partner in numerous projects. These forms of cooperation open new ways of acquiring knowledge and opportunities to present partner countries and their culture in the most beautiful way possible. Successful regional policy within the country, especially beyond its borders, opens up new opportunities in the creation and implementation of cultural, economic, political and other important components of European Union policy. There is no doubt that this is a geopolitical and cultural framework that can bring direct geopolitical and economic benefits on a regional and national level.


South-Moravian Region
The Czech Republic

juznamoravaThe friendship between Zadar County and South-Moravian Region has started and was formalized by signing of the Cooperation Agreement on the Zadar County Day, April 16th, 2007 in Zadar. From that moment on, certain changes, determined by the elections, which took place on both the Czech and the Croatian side, didn't affect the quality of our relationship. Mutual visits of delegations, the presentation of the Pag Tourist Board in Brno, the participation of the Zadar County Tourist Board in the Regiontour, the presentation of the South Moravian Region in Zadar, as well as the Eco Ethno Croatia event in Zagreb, and the most importantly the donation for the purchase of ultrasound device to Zadar General Hospital, for what we are extremely grateful, these are just some of the most important events that are the result of our cooperation.

We hope that in the time ahead we will expand our cooperation to other areas. Thinking primarily of the economy, especially in the context of the global crisis, which, unfortunately, has not skipped over our two countries.

Traditionally, for decades, Czechs have been coming to the Adriatic in the summer months. Years of encounters on our beaches, but also the fact that our Slavic languages ​​are mutually intelligible, have made us close. We hope that each new tourist season will attract more and more guests from the South Moravian region to Zadar County, which due to its exceptional natural diversity and rich cultural and historical heritage is considered by many to be the most beautiful Croatian county. Moreover, perhaps thanks to our cooperation through which we have acquainted this beautiful Czech region, many residents of Zadar County will come here as tourists, perhaps as potential business partners or, given the fact that Brno is a university city, even as students.

In the context of our country's accession to the EU, interregional cooperation has an extremely important role. The Zadar County has started to work actively on international cooperation and the Agreement signed with South-Moravian Region is the first formal document of this kind and we are therefore grateful because we have learned a lot through contacts with you.



Kherson Region
The Ukraine


Kherson Oblast (region) is located in the southern part of Ukraine, within the Black Sea lowlands. In the Northwest, it borders with Mykolayiv, in the North – with Dnipropetrovsk, in the East - with Zaporizhzhya regions of Ukraine, in the South it shares borders with the Autonomous Republic of Crimea. The land area is 28,500 km² (4.71% of the total territory of Ukraine). Kherson region ranks the seventh in space among other regions of Ukraine. There are 18 administrative districts, 8 cities, including the regional centre – Kherson city, more than 700 villages in its territory. Altogether, 1.1 million people live in the Kherson area. State border lies along with the territory of the oblast by 458 km (350 km along with the Black and 108 km along the Azov Sea), which has 4 border crossing points: air, river port, Kherson and Skadovsk seaports. Distance from the city of Kherson to Kyiv (the capital) by rail is 664 km, by highways - 605 km. Kherson oblast has significant logistics opportunities, there is an international airport, developed rail and road network, sea trading ports, river passenger and cargo ports in the region.

Two international transport corridors pass through the territory of the Kherson region: the first one is the Black Sea Economic Cooperation, which forms the transport flows of the Middle East and the Balkan Peninsula countries, and the second - the Euro-Asian Transport Links, running from European countries, through the Black Sea ports, to the states of Transcaucasia and the East. This location makes the area the most interesting for business.

Ukraine is an extremely big country and has a great impact on present and future of Europe and Zadar County supports any form of cooperation with Ukrainian regions. There are no open issues between Croatia and Ukraine, and there is a lot of space for progress in all relations, especially economic ones. According to statistics, each year more Ukrainians visit Croatia, which justifies the initiation of an air connection with Kyiv. During the first official visit to Ukraine, Zadar County participated in the 17th UITT tourism fair in Kyiv and presented its tourist capacities and development economic projects. As part of the visit program, the University of Trade and Hospitality Management in Kyiv was visited, and the Maritime Institute from Kherson established cooperation with the University of Zadar to exchange students of maritime study programs. As part of the visit program in Ukraine, Zadar County included meetings with Ukrainian institutions that will be key to establish the best possible international cooperation. Starting from the fact that Zadar County is primarily a desirable tourist destination, on these meetings, in addition to exchanging contact and information on economic trends, tourism legislation and problems encountered in both countries in the tourism sector, it was concluded that there are common areas as a base for international cooperation with this Eastern European country.

During the return visit of the Kherson region delegation to Zadar County, through the celebration of Zadar County Day 2011, the intention to establish mutual regional cooperation between the two regions was officially confirmed by signing the Memorandum of Understanding on trade-economic, scientific-technical and cultural cooperation between Kherson region from Ukraine and Zadar County, on April 15th, 2011 in Zadar. Kherson Oblast and Zadar County intend to develop cooperation in areas of industry, agriculture, transport and trade; science, technology, education and health care; culture and arts; tourism and sports development; ecology and rational use of natural resources and local government. At the same time, we shall continue to support economic, scientific, cultural and other entities from their administrative areas in achieving trade-economic, scientific-technical and cultural cooperation and shall help preserve and expand existing and establish new direct contacts between economic entities and local governments.

The County of Zadar expresses sincere condolences for all the victims that the Ukrainian population and the army are currently suffering in extremely difficult times, which we have been following with great concern since the beginning of the aggression against your beautiful country. Zadar County will participate in the joint and coordinated action of the Government of the Republic of Croatia in assisting to Ukraine.

In these dramatic days for the Ukrainian state, where many innocent Ukrainians are exposed to brutal aggression, we hereby express the support and solidarity of our friendly Zadar County, which itself experienced the horrors of the war. As a friend of the Ukrainian Kherson region, with which it has developed international regional cooperation, our sense of concern is even greater when we observe how the Kherson region is exposed to attacks and destruction. Our friendship is based not only on common origin, but also on the incredible similarity of the historical destinies of the Ukrainian and Croatian people.

In coordination with the Embassy of Ukraine in Zagreb and in cooperation with the Zadar High School Student’s Dormitory, Zadar County organized the reception and accommodation of Ukrainian children from Ukrainian military defenders’ families, aged 15 to 18, in the period from August 11th to 21st, 2022 in Zadar. As part of their stay during summer session in High School Students' Dormitory, besides accommodation, Ukrainian children had an interesting 10-day programme on Zadar County coastline.