Zadar County international cooperation

Zadar County has particularly active cooperation with several foreign partner European regions and more recently some of the Chinese provinces, with which it has been a long-term partner in numerous projects. These forms of cooperation open new ways of acquiring knowledge and opportunities to present partner countries and their culture in the most beautiful way possible. Successful regional policy within the country, and especially beyond its borders, opens up new opportunities in the creation and implementation of cultural, economic, political and other important components of European Union policy. There is no doubt that this is a geopolitical and cultural framework that can bring direct geopolitical and economic benefits on a regional and national level.


South-Moravian Region
The Czech Republic

juznamoravaThe friendship between Zadar County and South-Moravian Region has started and was formalized by signing of the Cooperation Agreement on the Zadar County Day, April 16th, 2007 in Zadar. From that moment on, certain changes, determined by the elections, which took place on both the Czech and the Croatian side, didn't affect the quality of our relationship. Mutual visits of delegations, the presentation of the Pag Tourist Board in Brno, the participation of the Zadar County Tourist Board in the Regiontour, the presentation of the South Moravian Region in Zadar, as well as the Eco Ethno Croatia event in Zagreb, and the most importantly the donation for the purchase of ultrasound device to Zadar General Hospital, for what we are extremely grateful, these are just some of the most important events that are the result of our cooperation.

We hope that in the time ahead we will expand our cooperation to other areas. Thinking primarily of the economy, especially in the context of the global crisis, which, unfortunately, has not skipped over our two countries.

Traditionally, for decades, Czechs have been coming to the Adriatic in the summer months. Years of encounters on our beaches, but also the fact that our Slavic languages ​​are mutually intelligible, have made us close. We hope that each new tourist season will attract more and more guests from the South Moravian region to Zadar County, which due to its exceptional natural diversity and rich cultural and historical heritage is considered by many to be the most beautiful Croatian county. Moreover, perhaps thanks to our cooperation through which we have acquainted this beautiful Czech region, many residents of Zadar County will come here as tourists, perhaps as potential business partners or, given the fact that Brno is a university city, even as students.

In the context of our country's accession to the EU, interregional cooperation has an extremely important role. The Zadar County has started to work actively on international cooperation and the Agreement signed with South-Moravian Region is the first formal document of this kind and we are therefore grateful because we have learned a lot through contacts with you.


The People's Government of Jiangxi Province
The People's Republic of China

juznamoravaJiangxi Province abbreviated as "Gan" after the largest river in Jiangxi, the Ganjiang River. It is one of the inland provinces of China. Jiangxi is located in south-eastern China, on the south bank of the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River. Mountains and hills dominate it. Jiangxi Province is located in the mid-subtropical zone, with significant monsoon climate and distinct changes in the four seasons. The province covers an area of ​​166,900 square kilometres, has a total population of more than 46.47 million, and administers 11-districted cities and 100 counties (cities, districts). There are 55 ethnic groups in the province, among which the Han population accounts for more than 99%. Among the ethnic minorities, the She, Miao, Hui, Zhuang, Manchu and so on are more populated. Porcelain in Jingdezhen has a long history and is famous at home and abroad for its characteristics of "white as jade, bright as a mirror, thin as paper, and sound like a chime". Jiangxi agriculture occupies an important position in the country. The prospect of ecological agriculture is promising, with organic food, green food, and pollution-free food all ranking in the forefront of the country. Since entering the new century, Jiangxi has vigorously implemented a development strategy centred on new industrialization. Non-ferrous industries, electronic information, medicine, automobiles, aviation, food, textiles, photovoltaics, lithium batteries, steel, petrochemicals, building materials and other industries have shown a good momentum of development. At the same time, Jiangxi is still vigorously developing its tourism industry.

The delegation from Jiangxi Province visited the Zadar General Hospital, the Public Health Institute, the new building of the Polyclinic and the University of Zadar. Jiangxi Province expressed interest in establishing international regional cooperation, promoting the exchange of experiences and cooperation between the two regions in the field of public health, medical care, education, culture and tourism and student exchange within study programs and state scholarships, international cooperation with the University of Zadar, development of friendly and business relations between Jiangxi province and Zadar County with the aim of joint development.

Yi Lianhong, Governor of the People's Government of Jiangxi Province, decided to forward a donation of medical protective material to Zadar County, in the fight against the COVID19 pandemic. He expressed readiness to work with the Zadar County to promote practical results in the fight against coronavirus and through the exchange of experiences and cooperation contribute to the improvement and development of both countries and the maintenance of world peace and stability. Through the Croatian Embassy in Beijing, a shipment of 10,000 protective medical facemasks was forwarded to Shanghai, from where it has been delivered to Croatia by direct flight. This valuable donation coincided with the date of the 27th Zadar County Day, April 16th 2020 and in the best possible way represents good friendly relations and quality cooperation established with this Chinese province.